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“Steve had to do a lot of convincing before I would even consider interviewing for the position. Thanks to him and his persistence I did interview and am grateful he did encourage me to go for it…What was more impressive was Steve’s follow up after I took the position. He was very interested in the transition, the move, the job and actually how everything actually settled out… I trust Steve’s judgment and character and I would never hesitate to use him for my own career plans or for those of my colleagues.”

Laura Lagunowich
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals 

"Steve invested a considerable amount of time in our relationship but never pushed to get me into a particular slot. He was always courteous and got to the point without wasting a lot of time on superficial information… He does what he commits himself to and doesn’t make false promises. He was very trustworthy and honest.”

Greg Polites
Ohio State Biotechnology Center 

“I was somewhat wary about working with a recruiter. I was however, pleasantly surprised with my interactions with Steve. Not only was he efficient, straightforward, thorough and discrete, Steve was also personable. Due to his professional manner, I would have no reservations about recommending him as a recruiter.” 

Linda Cornfield
Research Scientist
Bayer Corporation

“A few minutes into the first phone call I knew I was dealing with the ultimate professional. Steve’s thorough knowledge of polymer science, drug discovery and pharmaceutical product development coupled with his diplomatic but very frank approach made the whole process of my job search relatively easy. Thanks to Steve, I am in a position I had always longed for and will be eternally grateful to him.”

Stephen Dordunno
Guilford Pharmaceuticals

“Throughout this rather arduous process, Steve was in constant contact with me. He was an excellent listener and was very sensitive to unspoken concerns. At one point, when I was ready to give up, Steve advised me that I needed more information before making a decision and he was correct. In the various interviews I had, I felt as if I was prepared and knew what was happening. I felt that I had an advocate in this process, despite the fact that I had not retained his services and was not paying his fee."

Karen Strehlow, MD
Harvard Medical School  

“The process of searching for jobs in the biotechnology area was a daunting task. In fact, I found that many of the so-called experts were full of misinformation, which made the search more difficult. However, once I started dealing with NeuroSearch I found the information was accurate, useful and plentiful… Throughout all my interactions with NeuroSearch I felt everyone was genuinely concerned with my needs… Speaking with all the members of NeuroSearch was always positive and even fun. Searching for jobs was a difficult and sometimes depressing process, and the energy and friendliness of the NeuroSearch staff always provided a great lift to my spirits.”

Sean Stevens
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

 “When Steve first spoke to me, I was not actively searching for a new position. after listening to Steve’s tactful explanation of what he knew about the position I decided to submit my resume. He provided me with continual insight and arranged my interview, which went extremely well and increased my interest for a new career opportunity. His kind support and detailed preparation throughout the process was crucial. Thanks to him the whole process went smoothly and I am very excited about the research opportunities at my new job.”

Cedo Bagi
Senior Scientist
Celtrix Pharmaceuticals

“I was a bit leery at first but Steve sent me  information and put to rest my reservations. My situation had to be handled with the utmost discretion. This proved to be no problem for Steve. He kept the lines of communication open with me, without anyone else becoming aware, until I deemed it necessary.”   

J. Michael White
Washington University School of Medicine

“Steve has proven to be a tremendous asset for my career, and I have recommended him to all my colleagues. It’s hard to find someone you can depend on when you need something done.” 

Raymond Leidich
Research Assistant II
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals  

“Steve handled my situation professionally from the very beginning. I found myself at ease talking with him. He played my advocate and took pains to explain all the necessary details… This was my first experience using professional help in job hunting, and I must admit Steve is not only highly professional but also extremely supportive and friendly."

Bogumila Rachwal
Research Scientist
Neurogen Corporation

“Scott’s work on the job was admirable and made my life that much easier. He always respected my need to maintain confidentiality and at all times he conducted himself in a very professional and forthright manner. Thanks to Scott, within two weeks, I was offered the job and I accepted it… What was more impressive was Scott’s follow up after I took the position.  My previous employer insisted on not accepting my resignation. I was very worried about it but Scott helped me analyze my situation and everything worked out. I am planning to recommend Scott to my friends and colleagues. I trust Scott’s judgement and character.”  

Jin Wang
Senior Scientist Process Development
Imclone Systems Incorporated 

“When Steve contacted me, I already had an excellent offer from a company and I was scheduled to go on a second interview at another biopharmaceutical company. Even though I was quite reluctant, Steve persuaded me to go to my first interview then  scheduled the second interview immediately, as I was in a time crunch. He was constantly on top of everything and kept up with what was going on even when I was out of town attending a symposium... Steve was definitely an asset in my job search and I will not hesitate to recommend him to my colleagues ."

Ravi Kumar
Manager High Throughput Screening
Neurogen Corporation

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